Our Aim

With a well-designed and proven methodologies, the ODOO QA Testing Website aims to let you stay updated with latest mobile trends.
In order to satiate this, we ensure to overcome through

Time-to-market pressures

Performance concerns

User experience

Screen resolution and processing abilities

Device and OS fragmentation

    Our Approach

        Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
        • Gathering application requirement

        • Understanding application flow

        • Building mobile test plan

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        • Customizing mobile checklist according to application requirements

        • Preparing test cases based on the checklist and type of testing to be conducted

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        • Execution of test cases and testing its responsiveness on different mobile devices

        • Preparing log report of defects into defect management tool

        • Updating traceability Matrix

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        • Preparing test reports

        • Reviewing and publishing test reports

        • Publishing test metrics

        • Obtaining sign-off on all deliverables

                  Building Mobile App Test Plan

                  Having a great user experience defines success and so we focus on building flawless mobile app test plan. We believe that functionality is not enough to show mobile value; instead mobile app should be. Thus, focusing on building mobile app test plan is necessary.
                  Our mobile app test plan includes:

                  Functional Testing

                  • Validation of Functionality

                  • Smoke / Regression Testing

                  • Offline access testing

                  • Negative testing

                  Non-Functional Testing

                  • Network Strength / Outage / Recovery

                  • Different network types

                  • Peripheral testing

                  • Services


                  • Voice / SMS interrupts

                  • Notifications

                  • Battery Cable Removal

                  Memory Leak

                  • Memory Usage

                  • Memory Leaks

                  • Garbage Collection

                  Installation Testing

                  • New app install

                  • Upgrade Testing

                  • Uninstall and Reinstall

                  Language Testing

                  • Validation for locales

                  • Images and text

                  • Currencies, Time zone, Tax rates, etc.

                  • Context

                  Performance Testing

                  • CPU usage testing

                  • Network usage

                  • Page render time or activity render time

                  Security Testing

                  • OWASP vulnerabilities

                  • Sensitive data (App / Device)

                  • Dynamic testing

                  • Static code analysis

                  • Data encryption

                  Usability Testing

                  • User experience

                  • Competitive analysis

                  • Expert review